Paving Range

Paving Range

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We take extreme pride in our comprehensive range of pavers which are all manufactured to perfection from start to finish. There is no doubt that you will find the exact paver you are looking for, specific for your particular needs. Just like every other product we manufacture, our pavers go through strict quality control processes throughout each stage of production until they arrive at our clients. We also have the ability to manufacture your pavers in specific colours which allows our clients to design their very own pavers which are 100% unique.

Our Paving Colour Range

View our paving colour range which you can choose from and we can manufacture

Driveway Pavers

Suitable for driveways

Garden Pavers

Suitable for pedestrian, pool & garden areas

Special Edition Colour – Elegant Lime Special Paver

Flagstone Selection – Single Cobble & 400×400 Paver & 400×200 Rectangular Paver

We manufacture our entire paving range from scratch ensuring the quality and longevity of each paver that comes out of production. Contact us today for a quotation by sending an email to

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